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stardust = equalizer + openframeworks

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Kind of cross-posting this from the openframeworks forum. I started an attempt to bring together openFrameworks with Equalizer.

It is very much a work in progress and some functionality is intentionally left unimplemented for now since ideally I would like to get some input from people before continuing with this but I hope its already in a state where people can play around a bit.

Because of stardust I have also exposed a bit more functionality on the seq::Renderer on my fork of Eq so if you think that some of these stuff could be useful to the core I would be more than happy to contribute.

You can find stardust here.

Let me know what you think!

This work would not have been possible without the amazing work of both the Eq team and the openFrameworks community so thank you so much!

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Re: stardust = equalizer + openframeworks

Stefan Eilemann
Hi Petros,

Great contribution!

I did back merge your Equalizer fork, with the following modifications (

* removed Renderer::notifyInit/ExitGL. Renderer::init/exitContext does already provide this.
* removed eq::Window for seq API: Can you give some background why this is needed, so that we can find a nice way of exposing the functionality?
* reverted event magics: Why do you need them different? Is this for other input devices, because the current values work well for me and are symmetric with the other Eq-based examples.




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