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OpenSceneGraph vs. Ogre

Axel von Arnim
Hi Eq developers,

We are developing a project where we need to interface between the Gazebo robotics simulator (using Ogre as an internal renderer) and an Equalizer-aware external renderer (CAVE). We have been long hesitating between OpenSceneGraph, which has an already functional Equalizer implementation, and Ogre, that seems not to be as well integrated with Equalizer, but has a very active developer community and nicer graphics (also for offline rendering).

We have made the choice of OSG, because it is used in a similar project as ours, but after a couple of days of development, we are not sure we made the right decision.

If you can give us some insights about the pros and cons of these 2 solutions, that would help us a lot. For what we know:
OSG pros:
- nicely integrated with equalizer
- used in another project in multi-display environment that we are in close contact with
- well architectured and designed for distribution from the beginning
OSG cons:
- documentation is not up to date and incomplete
- development seems to have slowed down
- the example outputs really don't look good
- misses some features that ogre has (complex materials for instance, or shadows from only one light source)

Ogre pros:
- active developer community
- looks good and has many recent features (modern). Competes with state of the art renderers
- documentation is ok
Ogre cons:
- single-GPU oriented (at the beginning)
- incomplete equalizer integration (eqOgre)

So in any case, we would have to hack a bit. In the case of OSG, to implement missing features, in the case of Ogre to implement equalizer version.

What would be your insights concerning this comparison? Do you think, that the development effort would be important to raise OSG's graphical quality to Ogre's level?

Best regards

Axel von Arnim - Software Architekt Neurorobotics - Human Brain Project
fortiss --- An-Institut der Technischen Universitaet Muenchen
Guerickestrasse 25 | 80805 Muenchen | Germany
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Re: OpenSceneGraph vs. Ogre

Hi Axel,

I haven't worked with OSG much, so I have no real insight on that. But for the last year I have been working on a project where we built a game on the basis of Equalizer and Ogre (and Bullet) and it turned out to be the right the decision. In fact, Equalizer didn't limit our choice of Ogre features (per pixel lighting, particle effects, multiple render targets, texture shadows etc) in any way.

> - incomplete equalizer integration (eqOgre)

Are you referring to the old eqOgre (~2008)? If so, there is a new version compatible to the latest Ogre and Equalizer here:



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