Debugging a large mono running on windows. How to?

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Debugging a large mono running on windows. How to?

I've got this large, fairly complex application, 1000+ projects, ILMerged DLL's the whole do I debug it?

Tried VS Code with the Omni Sharp add-in, works fine for my little test app but I can't seem to debug my larger application.  It acts like it can't find the symbols, I can step but it doesn't show me the code.

VS is the preferred dev environment on windows, and i can find references to some mono tools for VS but they're long outdated links.  I'd love an add-in that "just works", really don't want to write my own as my deadline is pretty short.

I'm assuming this works and folks do it all the time.  What are you all using that's working well for you?  I'm using VS2013, targeting Mono on Windows 7.  Using the .net framework is not an option.

Thanks in advance,

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